Top 17 World's Most Beautiful Lakes

 Top 17 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

World's Most Beautiful Lakes: On Earth, there are around two million lakes, ranging from old alpine lakes and former volcanic craters to beautiful lagoons. A lake could be beautiful for a variety of reasons, including its stunning background, wildlife-rich shores, and even the built structures that surround it. Take a look at our selection of the most beautiful lakes in the world and decide which one you'd want to visit.

List of world's most beautiful lakes

  • Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Crater Lake, Oregon, USA
  • Lake Como, Italy
  • Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada, USA
  • The Dead Sea, Jordan
  • Jökulsárlón, Iceland
  • Lake Constance, Germany
  • Titicaca Lake, Peru and Bolivia
  • Dal Lake, Kashmir, India
  • Pehoé Lake, Chile
  • Lake Baikal, Russia
  • Mono Lake, California, USA
  • Lake Nakuru, Kenya
  • Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
  • Loch Lomond, Scotland
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Kaolin Lake, Bangka Belitung Province, Indonesia

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland world's most beautiful lakes
Image Credit: Britannica

The limestone peaks that "reach" into the lake like arms give the 24-mile-long (39-kilometer) Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland an irregular and fascinating form. Yacht trips are a terrific opportunity to see the lake's four basins and the glistening waters and glaciated slopes that connect them. 

The various lakeside towns, with their mountain backdrops, make for a fantastic day. This perialpine lake forms the gateway to some fantastic winter activities on Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi, and Mount Titlis in the cold winter months.

Crater Lake, USA

Crater Lake World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

Crater Lake in Oregon is one of America's most beautiful lakes because of its distinctive geology. This large natural basin is located within a caldera in the Cascade Mountain Range, which was formed more than 6,000 years ago when Mount Mazama erupted. 

This is the deepest lake in the United States, reaching depths of up to 1,949 feet (594 meters). This wildlife and adventure-rich lake also make jaws drop with its stunning deep blue colour, which comes from precipitation and glacier runoff.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Unsplash

While all of the Italian lakes are stunning, the celebrity favourite, known as Lake Como, often steals the show with its manicured gardens, luxurious hotels, and gorgeous Mediterranean houses. 

The southern beaches of this lovely lake are just 32 miles (51 kilometres) from Milan, making it an ideal day-trip destination. If you're looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, this wishbone-shaped enclave is an excellent choice.

Lake Tahoe, USA

Lake Tahoe World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

It's easy to understand why Lake Tahoe, on the California-Nevada state border, is one of the most beautiful in the United States. Located at a height of 6,224 feet (1,897m) in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the landscape here is primarily rugged and beautiful, besides the built-in casinos and hotels of South Lake Tahoe. 

This famous ski destination is blanketed in snow during the winter, and its biscuit-hued coastlines resemble some of the Golden State's greatest oceanfront beaches during the summer.

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The Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Planetware

The Dead Sea is a fascinating location, known for its healing properties and high salinity, which provides swimmers with instant buoyancy (it's up to nine times saltier than the ocean). 

This inland lake (it isn't a sea, despite its name) is bordered by Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank, and it has the lowest elevation on Earth.


Due to commercial and environmental reasons, the water levels are dropping at an alarming rate, causing the once 50-mile-long (80-kilometre) lake to shrink. The Dead Sea has no life other than microbes, and its mostly empty, parched coastlines and stunning salt formations give it an otherworldly yet beautiful feel.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Jökulsárlón World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Guide to Iceland

Jökulsárlón, also known as the "Crown Jewel of Iceland," is Iceland's deepest lake, measuring 814 feet (248 meters). It is also known as the "Glacier River Lagoon" and is one of the most beautiful. 

Tourists could be amazed by more than 1,000-year-old ice formations that dazzle against the aptly named Diamond Beach and frequently have a streaky blue and black appearance due to prior volcanic activity.

Lake Constance, Germany

Lake Constance World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Planetware

The 40-mile-long (64-kilometer) Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee, is a picture-postcard spot that straddles the borders of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

It's Unter Lake (lower lake) and Ober Lake (upper lake) are separated by the Bodan mountain slope, and their crystal-clear waters are fed by the Rhine River, which flows via the eponymous falls. Many of the lakeside towns, like Lindau, are also worth visiting.

Titicaca Lake, Peru and Bolivia

Titicaca Lake World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

The cobalt-blue Lake Titicaca, located in the snow-capped Andes Mountains on the border of Bolivia and Peru, is one of the most interesting and beautiful lakes on earth. It's the world's highest navigable lake, at 12,507 feet (3,812 meters) above sea level, and it was previously worshipped by the Inca civilization. 

More than a million people live along the river's banks and in the 100-plus "floating communities" built of Totora reeds, thus causing pollution levels. Let's hope that the natural wonder's splendour can be preserved.

Dal Lake, India

Dal Lake, India World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

Dal Lake has an immensely scenic backdrop, surrounded by beautiful paddy fields and the snow-capped Pir Panjal mountain range. Located in Srinagar, India, the capital of the Jammu and Kashmir state, it was historically a summer oasis to which Kashmiris flocked. 

'The Lake of Flowers,' known for its brightly coloured Shikara boats and vibrant pink lotuses, has a romantic feel to it. Unfortunately, Kashmir is a volatile state, and concerns about pollution levels in the lake are growing.

Pehoé Lake, Chile

Pehoé Lake World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

Chilean Patagonia is a jaw-dropping place with its uniquely rugged topography and is home to the famous Andes Mountains. Pehoé Lake in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile has been called the region's crown jewel, reflecting the magnificent granite peaks of the Paine Grande mountain and the Cuernos (horns) del Paine. 

Its clear blue waters stretch 8.5 square miles (22.2 square kilometres) and have become a popular route for catamarans carrying hikers to the stunning French Valley.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal, World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Live Science

Lake Baikal is the world's oldest freshwater lake, having formed 25 million years ago. It's also noted for being one of the world's cleanest and deepest, reaching up to one mile (1.6km) deep in certain parts. It's located in Russian Siberia. This magnificent blue lake puts on its most stunning sight in the winter.

 Ice caves emerge at the basin's surface as temperatures drop below -4°F (-20°C), and water bubbles freeze under the surface. Dark rings form in the ice as a result of methane, giving it an otherworldly appearance.

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Mono Lake, USA

Mono Lake, World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Pixsbay

Mono Lake, in Yosemite National Park in California, is an inland sea, similar to the Dead Sea. This saline soda (high alkaline) lake, which extends 65 square miles (168 square kilometres), has a peculiar yet beautiful appearance due to its odd tufa structures that rise out of the water and serve as nesting grounds for ospreys. 

It's been known as an "old lake" since it was formed over 760,000 years ago.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

During the rainy season, the millions of candy-coloured flamingos that swarm Lake Nakuru have become an image of Kenya. This photographic beauty, one of Africa's salty soda lakes, has become famous for grazing pink birds and the grandeur of the Nakuru National Park. 

However, the fauna isn't just confined to these pink-feathered birds. The lake is home to a variety of interesting Euphorbia trees, as well as hippos, impalas, waterbucks, and over 500 different bird species.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Lake Atitlán World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

Lake Atitlán, in western Guatemala's Sierra Madre highlands, is surrounded by three conical volcanoes known as the "Three Giants." It is located in a large crater that reaches depths of up to 1,115 feet (340m) and is surrounded by rolling fern-covered hills and old Mayan towns. 

It was formed by a volcanic eruption 84,000 years ago. The German scientist Alexander von Humboldt once called it "the most beautiful lake in the world" because of its dazzling blue-green waters.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

Loch Lomond World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

Loch Lomond, Scotland's largest lake and one of the country's most scenic, is 24 miles (39 kilometres) long. Its famous 'bonnie banks' display a rainbow of colours, varying from rich purples during the summer heather season to orange, red, and gold when the fall foliage is in full swing. 

The peaks of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park provide a stunning background, and ferries may take you to over 30 beautiful islets and islands.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit: Wiki

One of many reasons to visit Slovenia, one of the cleanest countries in the world. This emerald-hued expanse, surrounded by the towering Julian Alps and close to the Triglav National Park, is famous for its "healing" mineral-rich waters and alpine beauty. 

The beautiful Church of the Mother of God, positioned on Slovenia's only natural island, is located in the heart of Lake Bled. The pletna, a classic flat-bottomed boat, can take you there.

Kaolin Lake, Indonesia

Kaolin Lake, World's Most Beautiful Lakes
Image Credit:

Kaolin Lake, located near Tanjung Pandan on the island of Belitung, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful—and distinctive—manmade lakes in the world. The hollow was formerly used to mine kaolin, a sort of clay, but it was eventually filled with rainwater and turned into an artificial lake. 

It has become a famous tourist destination owing to its dreamlike, vivid blue look, which is fascinating to photograph. Aside from its practical use, locals utilize the water for bathing.


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