Teenager Kidnapped to Get Marry a Girl in Bihar, Police Rescued

Teenager Kidnapped to get Marry a Girl in Bihar, Police Rescued

Teenager Kidnap to get Marry a Girl in Bihar

A 19-year-old boy was abducted and forced to marry in Fatuha town of Patna district in Bihar Pakadwa Vyah (groom kidnapping for marriage). Sushil Kumar is a resident of Shivchak village, which falls within the Fatuha police jurisdiction.

On 14 June 2021, he was riding his bike across a four-lane road in Bhikhua village with his cousin Shailesh Kumar when miscreants arrived in a Bolero and abducted him. The kidnappers brought him to a temple and forced him to marry. 

According to the authorities, the girl he was compelled to marry is a native of Bhikhua village. According to authorities, Sushil Kumar was on his way to his aunt's house in Devrasuki when the incident happened. 

Sushil Kumar's family and father Sudhir Kumar quickly informed the police after his kidnapping, prompting an intensive search. Finally, based on information gathered from various sources, the police were able to find Sushil in a temple in the Hilsa region of the Nalanda district, which was subsequently stormed and Sushil was safely recovered. However, the wedding ceremonies had already been completed at that point. 

  Two of the kidnappers have already been arrested and are being questioned by police. According to reports, after snatching Sushil, the kidnappers traveled to Dasodhi in order to deceive the police. They then turned towards Hilsa to reach the temple where the 'wedding' took place. 

  The police, on the other hand, have refused to reveal any information on the offenders or the bride, claiming orders from higher officials. 

Source: News18

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