Dolphin bites 6yr old boy's hand, watch scary viral video from Ukraine

Dolphin bites 6yr old boy's hand in a scary viral video from Ukraine

Dolphin bit a 6yr old boy's hand in Dolphinarium

A dolphin bit a six-year-old boy's hand in a horrific event reported from Ukraine, dolphin bit the child's hand by mistaking it for food. The boy attended the Dolphinarium in Nemo on 13 June 2021 and stretched his hand out to the dolphin, and the following thing was quite terrible.

A video of the event, recorded by the username Odessa Hello on Instagram, has been sent virally on social media. The small kid extended his hand out to the Dolphins and jumped into the pool, as shown in the video, and sprinkled his teeth in his hand instantly from the water.

The child was immediately taken to a hospital after he sustained thorough cuts and given several stitches, says Daily Mail.

Officials have continuously advised visitors not to approach the edge of the pool or reach out their hands to the dolphins.

Olena Komogorova, the chief trainer of the Dolphinarium, told the Daily Mail, "A hand-stretched over the water, it means someone offers a treat."

The mother of the youngster talked to the local media after the event and blamed her for her son's behavior. She stated she's not going to sue the aquarium.

Source: India Today | Image credit: Screenshot from Instagram video posted by Odessa Hello

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