3 girls, pretending to police, blackmailed a Senior Citizen after making his Nude Video in Haryana

3 Girls Pretended as Police, Blackmailed Senior Citizen after Making his Nude Video in Haryana

3 girls, pretending to police, blackmailed a Senior Citizen after making his Nude Video in Haryana

3 Girls arrested for blackmailing senior citizen after making his nude video:
On 15 June 2021, three girls were detained in Haryana's Yamunanagar district for reportedly blackmailing a senior citizen after filming him naked. The event occurred under the Yamunanagar police station at New Hamida Colony.

The girls had entered the residence of an old man claiming to be policemen. They asked the man for his clothing to be removed and then took a video. Later on, they began to blackmail him for extortion, threatening to download the footage over the internet.

After first accepting Rs.50,000, later accused girls demanded Rs 5 Lakh from him. The senior citizen reported the incident to the Yamunanagar police. The three girls were arrested after police officers set up a trap for them.

Sukhbir Singh, in charge of the Yamunanagar police station, stated that the victim is a resident of the New Hamida Colony and lives alone in his home.

The victim's son resides in another country, and one of her daughters is married. He lives at home by himself. She has a maid who comes to her house after finishing the work to make dinner. The girls arrived at his house on Monday, and the event occurred.

“In his police report, the victim stated that first, a woman came to his residence. Within five minutes, two other girls entered his residence and began pressuring him while posing as police officers,” Singh explained.

According to the victim, the females forced him to remove all of his clothes and filmed him. The girls impersonating police officials threatened to put him in jail in a bogus case. The senior citizen was compelled to do anything they desired. They blackmailed him after creating a video of the event.

According to police, the three girls have been detained and will appear in court.

Source: News18

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